Configure User Snippets in VSCode


To work faster with VSCode, configure global snippets which will be available for all languages.


File -> Preferences -> Configure User Snippets -> New Global Snippets File -> FileNameYouChoose -> Enter

In the opened file, enter the following piece of code:

  "Print to console": {
    "scope": "javascript,typescript",
    "prefix": "cl",
    "body": ["console.log($1);"],
    "description": "Log output to console"
 "Arrow Function": {
    "prefix": "arrf",
    "body": ["const ${1:functionName} = ($2) => {", "  $3", "}"],
    "description": "Arrow Function"


When the snippets grow and it gets complicated to type out inside the body property, use the snippets-generator which will help you generate snippets based on your entered data and copy it to your snippets.code-snippets file on your VSCode. Snippet Generator Example

Here, tabstops ($1, $2) make the editor cursor move inside a snippet and specify cursor locations. The number is the order in which tabstops will be visited. Placeholders are tabstops with values, like ${1:functionName}. The placeholder text will be inserted and selected such that it can be easily changed.


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